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The Take -In Process

Once the problems are identified and the solutions are agreed upon we will measure any gemstones and take photos of the item and input that info into our database. At that time you will receive a printed receipt with a description of the items left and the work being done and signed for verification.          

Finish and pick-up

Now the item is fixed and ready to wear again. TOJ will contact you via phone, text, or email to let you know that your repair is ready and schedule an appointment if you so desire at that time or come in when the showroom is open.  

Thomas O Custom Jewelry and jewelry repair in Ludington, Michigan is dedicated to building high quality custom designed jewelry for our clients.  

How custom jewelry design works with TOJ is you can call us and set up a private consultation with our master jeweler or just come in and speak with one of our sales professionals or master jeweler if he is available. The information below describes the process.

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​Consultation for Design

TOJ's master jeweler will set down with you in our Ludington showroom consult office and go over details of the custom jewelry design. We will do a basic pencil sketch of the idea and calculate a rough estimate of the cost involved during the consult. Once we have the idea down and the project fits your budget we will turn the pencil sketch into a cad design. 

TOJ Engraving a custom wedding band

​Cad Design Renderings for Custom Design

Within 1 to 5 days you will receive the renderings of the design discussed along with the final exact quote for that dream piece. Now you to look over the design and approve or request modifications. Once approved we will grow the model on our 3D printer.

​​​ThomasO Jewelry Designs 

Jewelry Repair in Ludington, Mi

Thomas O Jewelry Designs is dedicated to providing highest quality jewelry repair in Ludington with the best possible equipment for our clients.

How jewelry repair works with TOJ is you can call us and set up a private consultation with our master jeweler or just come in and speak with one of our sales professionals. The information below describes the process.

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​Custom Hand Engraving

TOJ employees are master jewelers which means we can complete any task in building jewelry. We can offer what very few stores in the world can't Hand Engraving. We can take that beautiful piece we just created for you and add a stunning custom hand engraved texture. 

​In House Fabrication and bench work

Because TOJ's Staff are real jewelers and not just sales people we will finish out the design right in our store. Our craftsman have been building high quality jewelry for over 20 years and our shop is fully equiped  to handle any project that comes to us.

​3D Printing Models

The custom jewelry design is done now it's time to see what it is going to look like. TOJ will now grow the model on our state of the art ultra high resolution 3D printing machine located in our Ludington office. Our high tec printer can print your design in less than 1 hour. 

​​​ThomasO Jewelry Designs 

Jewelry Appraisal Service

​Consultation for Repair

When you bring your Jewelry item that is in need of repair. TOJ's master jeweler or jewelry professional will inspect your items under a microscope to identify problem areas discuss the solutions and quote a price and time frame for the repair.      

TOJ ​Making an oval halo engagement ring.

ThomasO Designs' Custom DesignServices

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